Moment of Grace

There are days when we all feel the rough abrasion of other people as we do our best to relate to them, to try to meet each other eye to eye, etc. As the song goes, "Momma said there'd be days like this". Recently I had one of those days.


This kind of experience where you feel your voice is not heard...maybe you are struggling to formulate some kind of communicative dialogue with those who seem to oppose you...THIS kind of experience, THIS kind of day is something I have written a song or two about. Funny thing how songs you write have a way of coming back to test you. A line or two of the song seems to ask, "Do you REALLY mean it when you inserted me into that song? Do you REALLY believe what you said?" Well, the line of my song goes like this: "Hopeless days or sleepless nights, when it's more than you can bear, a step of faith, a word of prayer, you can cast your cares upon the Lord"- (© 2015 Brad Croushorn)


I was really put to the test as I mustered all I could to cast my burdens to the winds of the Holy Spirit. Today a moment of grace came to me in the form of encouragement from someone whose judgement and opinion I trust and value. I rarely hear from this person, but some very specific things that were said, seem to confirm for me that I am on the right track. I don't necessarily mean the right track relating to what happened recently, (all the yesterdays of our lives will be what they are and don't matter much in the grand scheme of things anyway). More broadly speaking, I mean the right track of songwriting and music making. It's a hard road to travel, for sure, (anyone who thinks otherwise knows zilch about music), but this road is one I am glad to be on today. If I live long enough to have travelled this road much further, I doubt I will regret any of the places I've been able to visit while traveling this road. I know too, that grace will pop its head once in awhile in some delightful and encouraging ways! For these moments of grace, I am truly grateful.

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